How to Remove Rust from Metal

Numerous methods can be used to remove rust from various types of metals. Some procedures rely on using highly toxic products and others even use various forms of acid to remove the rust. However, various common household products can be used to effectively remove rust including steel wool, white vinegar, sandpaper and baking soda. Here we look at how these basic household products can be used to remove rust from metal.

Using baking soda to How to Remove Rust from Metal makes a paste that is thick enough to adhere to the metal surface. Spread the paste over the affected area and let the paste sit for sometime. This will loosen up the rust thus making it easier for you to scrub it off. In cases whereby the stain is deep rooted, use more of the paste and allow it enough time to settle in before trying to scrub the rust off.

How to Remove Rust from Metal

Using white vinegar. Soaking rusted metal in vinegar will dissolve the rust leaving the metal surface clean. Vinegar can be quite effective in removing rust from small metal pieces like earrings, bracelets and any other kind of jewelry. Once the rust is completely dissolved, you can then rinse the metal and wipe is dry. On larger items, pour vinegar directly over the stain, then spread it with a piece of cloth. This will also dissolve the rust from the metal.

Using sandpaper or steel wool; to remove rust from metals use a  sandpaper of steel wool, and scour the rusted surface with the material. Scour until all traces of rust are completely removed, before rinsing and wiping dry. When using this method, it should be noted that the material can damage the surface and therefore such should only be used to remove rust that is stubborn to remove using other methods.

Rust removal-using electrolysis. To remove rust using this method, you will require two anodes, battery charger and salt water. The procedure may vary and sometimes this may be dangerous depending on the metal used. Other methods used to remove rust from metal include using molasses (sugar extract), human urine, ammonia, commercial rust removers, alcohol, fire and sand blasting.

There are other numerous commercial products that can be used to remove rust from metal surfaces but such usually contain various forms of toxics and chemicals. Therefore, when removing rust using these products, ensure that you wear protective clothing to prevent intoxication and skin burning by the products. Wear a mask and gloves to avoid intoxication.

Some of the factors that will determine the best rust removal method for you include the type of metal with rust, the metal finishes or coating, the extent of the rust and the time available for rust removal. It is also important to remove rust as soon as it forms on the metals to prevent corrosion or further staining. On the same note, it is never advisable to use chlorine bleach to remove rust stains as such will only spread the staining further making it even more difficult to remove.